1. Currently reading Viola Davis book, Finding Me.

I think I cried more times than I wanted to but this is how relatable this book was. I will provide my book review in a week.

2. I lost count of how many black heels I own but trust me when I say a girl can’t have too many black heels. Heels I’ve been obsessing over these recently. Taro Ishida

3. I’m excited the weather is getting warmer. That means more outdoor activities. I am anticipating delicious food festival, Uptown Night Market in Harlem.

4. Spa Day. I used to wait for special occasions to book a spa treatment. and with Mother’s Day less than a month away, it is heavy on my mind. But do you really need to wait to indulge yourself? I’ve been to a few good ones over the years and haven’t been to the famous Sojo Spa Club in New Jersey. Looking to be pampered and spending a little girl time with the ladies. Do you have any spas you highly recommend?

5. Writing and Editing

Yes, I know. I need to keep going. As much as I like to indulge in this thing called life, I need to ensure that I have time to craft my stories. If you haven’t read any of my short stories yet, you can find it here: FMPs Volume 1.


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