Yoyo Opoku

If I told you everything there is to know about me, you will be losing out on  all the fun.

So let me suggest a three step process…


As the name implies, I’m all about fun. I write romantic suspense humor. Im also a big movie buff so youll get a little bit of reviews from YoYo’s Top Five.

So when I’m not laughing my tail off, I’m writing humor, scandalous sex scenes, trolling social media for FMPS and listening to awesome music. Does this pique your interest? Well I can’t give it all away. Check out my page to learn a little bit more.


Don’t believe what you heard. I’m here to tell her side of the story.

YoYo Opoku is a writer of humor, heated romance sex scenes, and FMPs. She is the author of: The Borrowed Wife and Husbands On Hold series. Her love for fashionable heels, encourages her to write a collection of short stories titled: FMPs. When she is not busy writing, stalking social media for the FMPs, she is the reigning queen in a household of sons. She is an advent believer of Black Girl Luxury and takes time out to pamper her mind body and soul.

You can stay connected with her on social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest.